TEEN AXN LEAGUE Mission Statement:

 Teen AXN League is a group of young folks age 14-18 who come together to collectively manufacture a space for teens of marginalized genders to radically accept their identities - however they choose to define or not define them. While the focus of TAL is, at this point, to organize a week-long music retreat this summer, the group's overarching goal is one much greater.

As the impact of racial, socio-economic, religious, gender and other politics weighs on young people, TAL creates an environment where they can simultaneously forget about those attempting to police their identities and creatively combat those institutions. Here, teenage girls, trans folks, and gender non-conforming teens are encouraged to take up space, to amplify their voices, and to empower one another through music. All music experience levels are welcome. Sign up to get involved as a teen or as a volunteer today!

The Teen AXN League overnight, youth-organized GRNC summer camp is for campers ages 14-18. This week-long camp is an exciting way for young folks to explore more deeply how music and shared experiences can empower community. Summer of 2018 will be our fourth summer of Teen AXN League!

Camper registration opens in Marh of 2018.

For more information about Teen AXN League, email teenaxn@girlsrocknc.org.

(Through that email, teens interested in pre-camp organizing can get involved throughout the year.)